How to Communicate with Your Team Members Effectively

No team, no matter how large or small, can be successful without effective communication. Communication is just as essential to your project’s success as proper planning and budgeting. However, this is one of the most common areas for project managers to struggle. If you lack good communication skills, take heart – you can learn skills and make use of convenient tools. You don’t have to be a born communicator to ensure that your team doesn’t suffer. Here are a few tips to boost communication with your team.
Meetings Are Mandatory
No one likes to attend meetings. They interrupt the flow of the day. They make you reorganize your list of things that have to be done and often result in a time crunch when there are several high priority tasks that have to be completed “now”. However, there are few better communication mediums for teams than mandatory meetings. Make sure that each of your team members understands that those meetings might be a drag to attend, but that attendance is mandatory. However, don’t stop there – you can use those meetings for several things.
Open the Floor
After you have discussed the topics you need to cover with your team, you can encourage free communication by opening up the floor for them to discuss things. Encourage your team members to be succinct, but let them address what’s on their mind, whether that’s a looming issue with the project or their dislike for loose files sent via email. Not only does that help ensure that everyone on the team is on the same page, but it shows that you actually care about what matters to your team members.
Take Time Each Day
While you might think that your team does better with minimal interruptions from you (and they do, for the most part), never underestimate the power of a few words of encouragement. Make time each day (or every other day) to stop and speak with every member of your team for at least a couple of minutes. Talk about the project, ask how their son’s play went, whatever. The point is that you need to show interest. While you should keep it brief, there’s a lot to be gained by this, and it actually encourages them to come to you when they have an issue that needs to be communicated.
Use the Tools Available to You
Do not limit yourself to in person communication with your team members only. Even teams that work in the same office can benefit from using electronic communication solutions. Email and instant messaging are two excellent examples of this. However, you can also use tools like video chats if your team is decentralized or several members are out of the office. There are even apps for smartphones and tablets that combine instant messaging with project management tools for better communication and collaboration.
Communicating with your team is vital, but you have more tools at your disposal than you might realize. Use them to your advantage.

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Identifying success criteria for your project

The project methodology includes a step that requires identifying success criteria, but how do you actually do that? First, it’s important to understand what the success criteria are. These statements describe what “good” looks like and how you will know when you have achieved your goal. They serve as measures that can be used at the end of a project to demonstrate to stakeholders that all objectives have been met, and the project can be closed.

To identify success criteria, you need to consider the project’s objectives and goals. What are you trying to achieve, and how will you measure success? Success criteria should be specific, measurable, and realistic, and they should align with the project’s overall objectives. They should also be agreed upon by all stakeholders to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

One useful approach to identifying success criteria is to use the SMART framework, which stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. By applying this framework, you can ensure that your success criteria are clear and achievable, and that they align with the project’s goals and objectives.

Where to look for success criteria
Success criteria in a project will comprise both delivering project deliverables to defined scope and delivering them appropriately. For instance, the software is compatible with IE 11, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox (relating to project deliverables) and ensuring the project cost does not exceed 10% of the original budget (relating to the project process).

Personally, I prioritize success criteria around project deliverables, which are easily identified from the requirements and hold greater significance for project stakeholders. As a professional project manager, it is expected that On Time, On Budget, and On Scope measurements should serve as success criteria, and one should not need a list of criteria to perform the job. However, in environments where these factors are not taken for granted, it may be beneficial to make a list of project process success criteria too. Interestingly, completing a project on budget was the top success criterion in a University of Colorado study, and many project sponsors may use it as a basis to evaluate a project.

When to look for success criteria
Documenting success criteria at the start of a project is crucial in order to have a clear direction of what the project team is working towards. Without defined success criteria, it can be difficult to determine if the project is progressing as planned or if it has been completed successfully.

It is best to include success criteria in the Project Initiation Document or Project Charter so that everyone involved in the project is aware of them. This allows the project sponsor to review and approve them, ensuring that everyone is aligned on what defines a successful project outcome.

Having documented success criteria also allows for regular progress checks throughout the project to ensure that the team is on track to meet the defined goals. It is important to revisit and update the success criteria as needed throughout the project to ensure that they remain relevant and achievable.

Success criteria are not benefits
When identifying success criteria, it’s important to differentiate them from benefits. Success criteria demonstrate that a project deliverable meets the business requirements, while benefits justify the investment in the project. For example, increasing the customer base or improving quality by 20% are benefits that a project could deliver.

Success criteria should be defined at the start of the project and documented in the Project Initiation Document or Project Charter. They can be used to define what “good” looks like and how the project’s completion will be measured. Success criteria can be based on both the project process and deliverables.

It’s important to remember that success criteria are not the same as benefits, but both are important for judging the success of a project. By documenting success criteria early, project managers can ensure that they are working towards a clearly defined goal and can measure their success accordingly.

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PDFBear: Work With Your PDF Files Anytime and Anywhere

Looking back before, we have been working with a lot of files and documents using paper. However, through the years, almost everything evolved through technology. Now, we mainly use digital resources for most of our paperwork, and one file format has been widely used by corporate offices or school reports and research, which is PDF.

Professionals and students tend to use PDF files because it is safe, secure, and reliable for one. However, not everyone is comfortable in using this kind of file format since it could be complicated in doing certain functions, like converting, merging, and splitting PDF files. Luckily, we have found a way to make it all easy for everyone without paying for it.

Introducing PDF Bear
PDF Bear is an online converter tool that you can use to convert your PDF files into a different file format. It supports various types of files, which gives its users an answer to their PDF needs.

You can quickly turn PDF to JPG within seconds without consuming so much of your time. Aside from converting PDF files, you can also convert files like PPT, Word, Excel, JPG, PNG to PDF. So, it’s basically a one-stop-shop for all of your PDF needs.

How to convert with PDF Bear?
Converting files with PDF Bear works like magic. It is designed to be a user-friendly tool that helps anyone without experience to convert PDF files at ease. PDF Bear ensures its users that they will not experience any issues while working with their files. The tool prevents anyone from confusion on how to convert files. The tool has embedded instructions on their site for you to follow to have a successful conversion process.

The first thing to do is to upload the necessary file you want to convert. You can simply drag and drop the file on the site, or you can do it manually by clicking on the “Select File” button. Then PDF Bear’s system will assess the file before starting the conversion process. Once the file has been wholly considered, you can now initiate the conversion process by clicking “Convert.”

It will only take less than a minute to complete the conversion. You’ll it’s done because there will be a button that says “Download” for you to save the file on your computer’s hard drive or save it on your Dropbox and Google Drive.

Works on Multiple Platforms
PDF Bear’s accessibility has no limits. Whether you find yourself using a Windows, Linux, or Mac operating system, you’d still be able to access PDF Bear as long as you are connected online. In line with having an internet connection, you can also access the tool using smartphones. Whether its iOS or Android operating system, you can still access PDF Bear without any problem.

Advanced Security System
PDF Bear is fully equipped with a 256 BIT-SSL Encryption, which is an advanced security system. This feature lets their users work with their files and documents without having to worry about someone accessing their data without authorization. Its security system does not stop with advanced encryption. They also incorporated another protection that deletes all of your original and formatted files within an hour.

PDF Bear is an excellent tool to have whenever you need to convert, merge, split, or compress PDF files. With all the features and functions you get without paying for anything is genuinely remarkable. No need for you to stress out when you are rushing for a deadline, since everything can be done using any of your devices and the process is so easy that you can do it within seconds.

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Top Fantastic Benefits of CSPO® Certification

CSPO®, which stands for Certified Scrum Product Owner®, is a certification from Scrum Alliance. This certification validates the knowledge of professionals in Scrum. It is a globally recognized certification for professionals who are interested in learning how to maximize the business value of the product that is being developed by the development team.

Many companies have adopted an Agile environment as it has shown immense benefits in the software market. In turn, job opportunities for IT professionals as Scrum Product Owners have also increased. A product owner is responsible for increasing their organization’s business as well as managing the product backlog. The other responsibilities of a product owner include release planning, defining the product vision, refining product backlog, budget management, working with users, customers and stakeholders, collaborating with the team, and attending Scrum events.

To be well versed in these skills, professionals need to pursue a CSPO course and acquire the CSPO certification. There are various other benefits of CSPO training and certification, including –

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Recognition as Professional Manager of Product Backlog – A professional who has acquired CSPO certification would be responsible for defining product backlog, which is a kind of to-do list for the development team. It needs to be defined in such a manner that all features are understood by the development team clearly and can function efficiently. With CSPO training, professionals can learn from real-time examples of how to define product backlogs. With CSPO certification, they can learn the basics related to a product owner’s role and responsibilities and become a product owner.
Any candidate can pursue it – To acquire a CSPO certification, there aren’t any prerequisites. Any individual who wants to increase their knowledge as well as brand value in the industry and stand out among their peers can get CSPO training and acquire the certification. With this certificate, they can get better job opportunities as well as a higher salary as compared to their non-certified competitors.
Learn the basics – The CSPO course doesn’t have any prerequisites hence individuals would learn everything from scratch. They would learn about all Scrum concepts as well as the practical skills that are needed to become a Scrum professional. Apart from this, the Agile Manifesto and its impact on the Scrum Framework are also covered in CSPO training.
Better job opportunities – Having a CSPO certification validates that an individual is a Certified Scrum Product Owner and has the skills and knowledge required to perform the roles and responsibilities of a Product Owner. It also makes their resume stand out among others and they become attractive to potential employers.
Advanced certifications – CSPO certified professionals can pursue advanced certifications as CSPO is a foundation-level course and acts as the first step to become a reputed Scrum professional.
Networking – Professionals who have acquired the CSPO certification also receive a two-year membership of Scrum Alliance, the globally reputed body that awards this certification. With this membership, individuals can connect with other Scrum professionals all over the world and increase their knowledge. They can also be updated with the latest happenings in Scrum.
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The opportunities for a Certified Scrum Product Owner are high in the current market and there are various benefits of pursuing the CSPO certification. If you are looking to begin your career as a product owner, you should pursue CSPO training.

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